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South Brazilian girl who loves movies. Today, I do what I’m passionate about, documenting ideas in films.


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Lais Scortegagna (LAISCS): “Clara’s way of making videos for the internet (commercials or stories), is totally different from what we usually see on other videos made for brands and companies. Clara captured the soul of my business in less than one minute. The way she treats a story invites whoever is watching to dive along and feel every moment of it. She treats each work like a movie. And she does that with a lot of patience, dedication and affection. I trust her and I recommend her to anyone who wants a film with an artistic and documental touch, and great sensibility to enable immersion in the narrative.”

Tati Garcia (Tatiana Garcia / Hapôri): “In the market today, it’s almost a rarity to meet someone so dynamic and with this whole range of services. The first time we had a meeting online, I’ve had already connected with her. Clara has visualized a project that I consider a dream. She created the video that tells the story of my life, in which I also sell my products. She followed the launch from start to finish, she was on my side, she supported me like a sister would do. I am very happy to know Clara. Thank you, and congratulations on your work. “

Chef Guillaume Volk (Paris Crepe): “I want to thank Clara for the exceptional work she has done for my company. With extreme good taste, she is a wonderful professional and I’m looking foward to working with her again.”

Marcela Ambrosini (Paris Crepe): “I recommend Clara Salvadori Films with my eyes closed! She is part of that select team of professionals who can read their clients’ mind. She is also able to surprise, because her work, surprises even the highest expectations. I am grateful to Clara because she’s a highly skilled, talented, patient and dedicated professional, and I undoubtedly owe a lot of my project’s success to her.”


More about me: I am graduated in Journalism (PUC University) and Documentary (Rio de Janeiro’s International Cinema Academy). I attended extension courses focused on Creative Writing, International Journalism and also workshops on Portraits and Travel Photos (International Center of Photography in NYC). I have experience in TV broadcasts, Cinema Press Offices, freelance Journalism and English-Portuguese translation.